Yesenia is 17 years old. She came to REMAR four years ago for protection because her brothers were members of gangs in El Salvador and she found herself at risk of following the same delinquent path with the death of her parents several years previously.  For her security, she cannot be seen; if recognized by her brothers and other gang members, her life would be in danger.

Since coming to REMAR, she has developed a closeness to God and for that reason, she attends all the church services in the capital city, San Salvador, which is 31 kilometers from the orphanage. Previously, REMAR had a school bus that transported all the children and youths to the church, but it became too old by law for usage. Now, they have to rent buses on a weekly basis.

There are many cases like Yesenia’s, for which buying another bus is a top priority for REMAR; however, there are no monetary funds available to meet this end.



Joel is 15 years old. He came to REMAR with his two sisters in 2013. From birth, he and his two sisters were victims of all types of abuse from their own father. One day, in desperation, they along with their mother decided to flee from home.  A short time afterwards, their mother died due to illness at which point Joel and his sisters have lived in REMAR . In spite of all he has suffered, Joel demonstrates a positive attitude toward life and the future. He knows that God has given him a new life at REMAR and he is grateful for that. Besides giving happiness to his sisters, Joel has dreams to become a scientist or an astronaut.  For this, he tries hard every day to be a better person.

Joel is in seventh grade at the school at REMAR where unfortunately, there is no classroom that functions as a science laboratory. Students are unable to fulfill the corresponding practices for their study plans. Like Joel, many students anxiously await the construction of a science laboratory.





Alex is 11 years old. His mother and brothers and he came to REMAR looking for protection because they were victims of gang violence. In spite of his young age, he has suffered from the attacks and abuse of gang members in the zone where they had lived.

After coming to REMAR, his life has changed for the better as he now can participate in activities appropriate for his age. However, there still exists a certain fear since in the community where REMAR is situated there is a gang in residence. Since there is no perimeter wall that surrounds all the installations of REMAR, this area is still vulnerable.

With the construction of the back wall of REMAR, this would be a benefit to many children and youths, making this property more secure.





Adonay just turned 17 and lives in Ejercito de Paz (Army of Peace) House in REMAR.  This boy doesn’t have a family that can care for him since they have been homeless for many years. He has two sisters who were sent to other orphanages for the same reason of homelessness.  Although he wishes that his sisters could be transferred to REMAR, it is not possible because the Rebeca (Rebecca) House for teen girls, as well as the Ejerecito de Paz House, need to be enlarged and remodeled. Then the Government of this country could authorize the enrollment of more children and adolescents at Remar, thereby serving more of the needy population of the country.





Esmeralda grew up in REMAR. Since she was a child, she has studied at the free school of the orphanage, called “El Olivo” (The Olive Tree) Christian School. This school was created thinking of all the children of REMAR. Originally, they went to the public schools in the community but they were victims of discrimination and bullying by the other children. For that reason, with much prayer and effort, El Olivo was constructed on the Remar property. Consequently, Esmeralda studies in a different environment, a place where the teachings of the Evangelist, the love of God, and of the next world are central. Not only do children of Remar attend this school, but also children of the community. With the passage of time, the student population has increased to the point of necessitating the enlargement of the school.  The construction of administrative offices, with a multi-purpose room above them is now needed.  With that extra space, parents, teachers, and students will have a meeting place.